Meet Devin Murphy


Dedicated to Service.
Committed to Community.
Passionate about Civic Engagement.

Devin T. Murphy is a small business owner, civic technologist, collaborative leader, and serves as Mayor Pro Tempore for the City of Pinole. Devin works to catalyze opportunities across Contra Contra Costa County by increasing public engagement and seeking opportunities for those most vulnerable and disengaged from the electoral system to wholly engage and navigate their local government.

A second-generation Contra Costa County resident, Devin is the product of a union worker and small business owner and understands the value of hard work. His father brought his family to Pinole nearly 25 years ago. As a child, he watched his mother, a social worker, advocate for the needs of vulnerable children, seniors, and families across the Bay Area. This instilled in him early the values of community, service, and making your voice heard when it comes to doing what’s right.


Devin’s work in civic engagement and democracy reform began before he himself was able to vote. At 16, he was actively involved in voter registration efforts in Solano County where he lived in his teenage years. He continued these efforts as he pursued higher education in Southern California at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), working with students, faculty, labor unions, inter-faith groups, community-based organizations, and numerous local and statewide officials to ensure all many eligible voters were registered and ready to vote in every election.


After graduating UCLA, where he also was elected by his peers to represent 28,000 undergraduate students as Student Body President, Devin moved back to Pinole and has spent time with numerous social justice issues, including climate justice, democracy reform, tech equity, equitable development, and of course, finding ways to give back to our community across Contra Costa County. In 2018, he was honorably selected as a Technology & Democracy Fellow by the Harvard University Ash Center for Democracy Governance & Innovation to explore technology’s role in advancing democratic institutions and helping Americans – especially young people – build crucial technological skills.


In November 2020, he was elected to the Pinole City Council, receiving the highest number of votes for a candidate in Pinole’s history. Since being elected, Devin has championed a more transparent, citywide participatory budgeting process, has driven the city’s strategic plan centering economic development, has promoted regional climate action, and has informed its information technology (IT) infrastructure. He’s committed to addressing issues that move our community forward and return power of government back to the people.


Before serving on the Council, Devin served on the city’s planning commission, where he was a strong voice for residents, advocating for transparency, promoting integrity, and ensuring that the vision for Pinole is one that centers the health, well-being, and inclusion of families and senior residents.


As an advocate for families and future generations of Pinole, Devin served as an appointee of the Pinole City Council and West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) to the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee, where he was responsible for overseeing $1.6 billion in funding from voter-approved bond measures preparing for generations to come.


Beyond his service to Pinole, Devin is a small business owner, using his communications skills to help non-profit organizations and other small businesses grow. He leads a team of strategists, developers, and programmers who work with government agencies, community organizations, and nonprofits to reach hard-to-reach communities in navigating social safety net programs, voting, and COVID-19 vaccination and testing.


Devin also serves as a Board Member for Pinole Rotary Club, 350 Contra Costa, and enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephews and his dog, Miles Baloo.

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